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Avoiding Bankruptcy
Debt consolidation programs, also known as debt management plans (or DMPs), are typically coordinated through a credit or debt counselor who will take the time to go over your current financial situation, look at your unsecured debts, look at how much you can afford to pay each month toward your debts, then submit proposals to creditors on your behalf requesting relief.  These are only proposals, however, and you are NOT protected by creditors under this scenario if they should decide to take more forceful action.

Overall, the goal of a debt consolidation program is to provide you with a proven and predicable way to combine or "consolidate" all your debts into a single payment each month by providing a personalized plan that, if followed each month, can help you get out of debt at an accelerated rate.  For more information on debt consolidation, contact us at 1-888-317-9336.