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IRS and State of Michigan Tax Settlement
Struggling with the IRS?  The State of Michigan?  There are two common options available for most consumers with these issues.  The First, an 'Offer in Compromise', is a settlement for less than you owe, in which the taxing authority considers your ability to pay and your assets.  The second, more common practice, is a payment plan set up over time to pay your tax debt. Sometimes, where the taxes were filed timely and are over 2 years old, bankruptcy makes the most sense and WILL discharge your tax debt.  There are many companies who purport to assist with tax settlement, but many will just take thousands of dollars up front and offer you little in the way of relief. Sweeney Law Offices has the knowledge necessary to structure proper relief, eliminate liens and discharge your tax liability.  For more information, call us at 888-317-9336!